Excerpt from Chapter Two:

The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers

Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Comic Book

They were the notorious members of the Midwest’s only challenge to California’s skydiving dominance: the exuberant, outrageous outlaws known as “The James Gang.”

And there at Hinckley the legend began, on a fine blue-sky afternoon, when “Pops” Connor offered to provide Carl and Roger, and their buddy Cicero with some tips and then coach them through a jump. The young men were honored and supremely excited, but as they got ready, an old sky god named “Pirate” limped by on his prosthetic leg and invited Pops to round out a hot 10-way jump he was organizing.

“Thanks, but I’m already on a load,” said Pops.

“Don’t waste a jump on those freaky brothers,” sneered Pirate.

“I won’t,” Pops assured him, then turned to his long-haired, wavy-haired, just plain strange companions and said with a grin, “All right, Freak Brothers, let’s do it.”

Roger Nelson Circa 1974

Roger Nelson Circa 1974

</divAnd that was the beginning of the Fabulous Flying Freak Brothers. However, where did the term, "Freak Brothers" come from? Well, there was a 1970's comic called the "Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers" – a comic about weed, women and… whatever!


My dad’s look when he started skydiving wasn’t exactly typical or socially accepted look back then. And Pirate called my dad out on his look. I bet he had no idea that his comment would have lead to one of the the longest and oldest fraternities in skydiving.>



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