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 My mission is to continue being a bridge between the USPA Board and members as well as implement diversity, inclusion and equity in the sport, and help connect in order to help the sport grow and progress.

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Melissa is inspirational, motivational, speaker as well as focuses on topics such as diversity, inclusion, and equity for conferences and events in person or virtually. Melissa is a skilled leader, speaker, presenter, and emcee with over a decade of experience.

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Learn to skydive with Melissa, a pro skydiver with 11,000+ skydivers and 23 world records from your first solo skydive to an array of advanced skills via a virtual platform in conjunction with Ultimate Skydiving Adventures!

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Through skydiving I discovered a gift of leadership skills, marketing savvy, and my love for entrepreneurship. I’ve had the honor of hosting and supporting several well-known events such as the USPA National Skydiving Championships, International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame, Sponsorship Liaison to the World Meet, and several other events.

  • Over 11,000 Skydives
  • 23 World Records (2003 – 2018)
  • US Nationals Medals in Freestyle, Freefly & 10-Way
  • USPA D-License, Instructor & Pro Ratings
  • 2011 Stephan Banic Award
  • Co-Creator of Vertical Formation Skydiving
  • Highlight Pro Skydiving Team member
  • Project 19 Organizer
  • TEDx Speaker
  • 3x Published Author
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The Sugar Alpha Chronicles are a series of books based on the life of the late skydiving pioneer and Melissa’s father, Roger Nelson. Originally written by Roger, the series were not published until years after his death when Melissa picked up the dusty manuscript and turned them into books. A decade’s worth of research and finding out truths of her past the series came to fruition.

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