An active skydiver with a vast experience and respect for our history

National Director

Sports Promotion

At the Winter 2021 USPA Board Meeting, Melissa presented the creation of a Sport Promotion Committee and it was unanimously accepted as a sub-committee of Membership Services. 

Representing Vertical Disciplines

After the Special Elections, Melissa joined the Angle Flying sub-committee on safety and training and presented the new 6-12 section of the SIM which was accepted at the winter 2021 board meeting.  

Vast Experience

 In the short time Melissa’s been elected she’s created a Facebook Page to communicate one-on-one with members, helped elevate Sport Promotion, wrote 6-12 for the SIM, and now working on inclusion, diversity, and equity.

Melissa Lowe for USPA National Director

Professional Skydiver, Melissa Lowe runs for an open seat on the United States Parachute Association’s Board of Directors. This is a full board election this October 1-31, 2021 where USPA members vote for 8 National Directors and their 1 Regional Director, and the term is 3 years.

  • Holding strong moral principles for my business, myself, my family, and others on the journey of working with others.

  • Connect. Support. Represent. 

National Director


To serve the sport which has given so much to me. My mission is to help continue moving the sport forward by utilizing my unique and diverse skill set and aiding the communication and promotion of our sport within and out of the industry.

Why USPA National

I am honored to be serving the USPA Members as National Director. I am a skydiver with a vast history of the sport and carry a unique perspective, yet I am an active and relevant jumper that’s FOR THE JUMPERS! I make myself accessible, have created a Facebook Group, and engage with members on dropzones to listen to YOU and see how and where USPA can improve. I am a get-it-done type of person and want to bring answers to questions, and address concerns in a timely manner. My next contributions may be controversial, but I would like to help revamp the licensing requirements (A-D), introduce board member term limits, and implement an Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity program for our sport.

Support my Candidacy


Support from the Community

I want to share with you why I feel strongly that Melissa Nelson Lowe is uniquely qualified to serve as a USPA National Director.
Our sport has an amazing history and even more exciting future. Few could have imagined 20 years ago what we see on DZs across the country everyday today. The advancements in safety and training, the variety of different disciplines, flying skill development, levels of participation and the broad, extended community of our skydiving family have been truly remarkable.
To have the vision to see into the next 20 years also requires knowledge, appreciation and respect of our past.
Melissa has been deeply involved in every aspect of our sport for her entire life. She knows very well where we came from and has helped lead us to where we are today. She has the experience of someone twice her age matched with the youthful enthusiasm of someone half her age. She has the vision to see the full potential in our sport and a good understanding of the challenges we face towards reaching that potential.
She’s been a DZO, a World Record Organizer, a PRO Demo jumper, an Instructor, a spokesperson and most importantly just one of the gang.
As a USPA Member and DZO of a USPA affiliated drop zone I so look forward to working with Melissa as the new member of a great team of National Directors.

Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Long-time Professional Skydiver ★★★★★

The future of our sport and our organization requires a custodianship that is focused on growth of both our sport and our membership. I could not think of a better person to help guide us and take us into the future than Melissa Lowe. If you are a current member of USPA, please join me in voting for Melissa!

Tom Noonan, UPT Examiner & Everest Expeditioner ★★★★★

USPA is our organization, for the members representing our interests. If you want your voice to be heard, use your vote to elect individuals who you believe will listen to you and step up when it matters.
There is a vacancy for National Director to be elected by the members. Melissa Lowe is running and she has my vote. She brings a huge breadth of experience with her, from both the jumper and the dzo side, as well as a positive problem solving mindset which I admire greatly.

Maxine Tate, Professional Skydiver ★★★★★

Having known Melissa personally for more than 20 years, I can with the utmost confidence say that there has never been a better candidate for National Director of the USPA. I am proud to enthusiastically support Melissa in her campaign for election this Nov, and I will go one step further and say that she is exactly the caliber of human we desperately need in our greater systems of government. Maybe one day… #melissaloweforpresident 🙂
I hope she blushes when she reads this, and I’m serious. I will vote for her in this election and would in a greater appointment… 😎🤩
Please vote and please support Melissa in her campaign.

Jay Moledzki ★★★★★